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The Queen of Heaven

The Queen of Heaven

Father, as your Church we humble ourselves before You.
We confess that we, as well as our forefathers, have sinned against You regarding worship to the Queen of Heaven.
We confess that we, as well as large parts of the wider Body of your Son, have entered into idolatry by giving honour, reverence, and prominence to this deity - knowingly and unknowingly.
We want to express our remorse that we have rejected and grieved You, your Son and your Holy Spirit in this way. We therefore humbly ask that you will mercifully forgive us our sins, transgressions and iniquity on the grounds of the blood of your Son.
Thank You, Father, for Your grace and compassion. Thank you for not dealing with us in ways which we thoroughly deserve, but that You are slow to anger, and rich in mercy and compassion.

Before You, Father, the heavenly host, and before each other and the world, as well as the spiritual world, I now declare the following in the Name of Jesus our Messiah:

I renounce any worship of creation, rather than the Creator. I renounce the worship of Eve, the wife of Adam, as the "Mother of All", and "Mother of the earth."

I renounce the seed of the Nephilim, and its claim to be the Messiah of the world.

I renounce the occult knowledge, worship and religious system of the days of Noah. I acknowledge Noah as a righteous man in his generations, and the procreator of God's holy line of saints, but reject and utterly renounce the entity known as Janus, the two-faced Roman god, as well as the hermaphrodite or androgenous man of the Mysteries which are associated with Noah.

I renounce the religious system of the Babylonian Mysteries and its successors in other cultures, whether it be Eleusinian, Assyrian, Phoenician, Egyptian, Phrygian, Greek, or Roman - including the Roman Catholic Church, Mormonism, Hermeticism, Cabbalism, Islam, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, the Knights Templar, Hospitaller and Knights of Malta. I renounce the Mysteries as the source of occult knowledge known in the Bible as "the deep secrets of Satan."

I renounce the Babylonian Trinity known as Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz, as well as their successors in other cultures, such as Osiris, Isis and Horus (Egypt); Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu (Krishna) (Hindu); Zeus, Hera and Bacchus (Greece); Jupiter, Juno and Appollo (Roman).

I renounce the ancient and classical names of the Queen of Heaven:
Semiramis, Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, Ashera, Isis, Neith, Hathor, Ahtena, Venus, Aphrodite, Circe, Hera, Demeter, Diana, Artemis, Cybele, Rhea, Juno, Ceres and Nike.

I renounce the madonna of the Roman Catholic Church as not representative of Mary, the mother of Jesus, but as a manifestation of the demonic Queen of Heaven. I renounce her countless images and icons all over the world to be the Image of the Beast of the book of Revelation. I renounce every bit of worship that I, in my ignorance had ever given to this entity and its icons.

I renounce the three manifestation forms of the Queen of Heaven:
The Virgin, the Mother and the Crone (Witch).
I renounce these manifestation forms in Freemasonry, known as Faith, Hope and Charity.
I renounce the spirit and works of the demonic entity known as Jezebel, and her works known as domination, intimidation, manipulation and control.
I renounce the spirits known as the nine muses, as well as every inspiration or revelation which I might have sought or received from them.

I renounce the symbolism associated with the myths of the Queen of Heaven in their respective contexts, such as the obelisk, the pine cone, the pine tree, the yoni, the mandorla, the womb, the scallop shell, the cave, the madonna, the moon, sheaf of wheat, the book, anchor and suckled children, the flaming torch, the cube, the waters, the burning heart, the "tall" cross, the scale-balance, the mirror, the galley ship, the dog star (Sirius), the golden cup, fountains, keys, the broken column, the parting veil, the paired lions and descending dove.

I renounce the meteorite known as the Black Stone or Capstone. I also renounce any allegiance to this stone or the Benben stone in Heliopolis (On), the Giza Pyramids or Kaaba at Mecca.

I renounce all water spirits associated with the Queen of Heaven, such as represented by fish, hippopottami, octopi, dolphins, seals, mermaids and shellfish.

I renounce every covenant or seal over my life that had been made with the Queen of Heaven. I hereby renounce my christening (or infant baptism) as a covenant with this entity, as well as the seals that accompany this christening.

Holy Spirit, I now ask that You will take Your sword and cut me and my family free and loose from the following, in the Name of Jesus:

The Virgin, the Mother and the Crone.
The Nephilim.
The knowledge, oaths, seals, covenants, curses, hexes, spells and witchcraft to the religious system known as the Mysteries.
The cities and spirits of Babylon, Pergamum and Rome. I declare a divorce with these cities in the spirit.
Mount Everest, Nepal and Tibet, the geographical stronghold of the Queen of Heaven.
The unholy trinity.
The madonna.
The nine muses.
The ancient, mythological, classical and modern symbolism of the Queen of Heaven.
The black meteorite stone.
Water spirits.

I hereby now proclaim:
I believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. I believe that only He is worthy of any worship, honour, reverence and glory.
I believe in Jesus as the one and only Mediator between the Father and man, and that the Holy Spirit acts only in this name. I believe that we need no other or additional mediator. I believe that man gets saved only in this name, by grace through faith. I believe that the Father bestows every good thing on man and mankind in this name.

Thus, I pray that the mighty and powerful hand of Almighty Father will keep me pure and steadfast on this road. In the Name of his Son I now proclaim that the Queen of Heaven has no power over me, and that the blood of Jesus is against her.