Subject: DID training by dr. Tom Hawkins.

Dear Saints
Below please find a letter from Miqlat Ministries in Paarl concerning DID training presented in November by dr. Tom Hawkins. This is an opportunity not to be missed!
Eben Swart

Miqlat in Paarl have the privilege in hosting Dr. Tom Hawkins and his wife Diane Hawkins from Restoring in Christ Ministries in the USA in Paarl. They will be presenting a seminar on Restoring Shattered Lives.

This seminar will be presented over a period of  7 days in the Church building of the D.R. Church Southern-Paarl  in Courtrai, South Paarl on the 5th to 9th November 2007 and on the 12th and 13th November 2007. The seminar will start at 09h00 in the morning until 16h00 with tea and lunch breaks in between.

These lectures are foundational for effective therapy with DID (Dissociation Identity Disorder) survivors. They would like to include some ministry demonstration time with DID Survivors who are willing to work before an audience through a remote
camera from another room. However they prefer to minister only to those who are able to have their therapist / prayer minister or follow up person with them. They want to know before hand whether these volunteers are available and we would like to hear from you in this regard. We invite you to attend this seminar and also to distribute this e-mail to whomever you think will be interested.

People are welcome to contact Jenny van Zyl or Glenay Jacobs on 021 863 4544 during office hours or by e-mail:

Details regarding RCM can be obtained from the following website